Thymesia will enter the soul arena

Initially expected on December 7, Thymesia will have finally been entitled to a good extension of 8 months, so that we will not be able to blame him for having precipitated his development. It must be said that with this title, the Taiwanese studio Overborder Studio takes the bet to seduce the audience of Souls-like, which is certainly increasingly large but also probably more and more demanding.

Thymesia - Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

And it is therefore on August 9 that we can discover what this title has in the belly thanks to an outing coordinated by Team17 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Steam and Gog. Only Steam players will however be able to download the playable demo which will be made available very soon and until May 9. Taking place in a kingdom ravaged by the plague, this sinister action-RPG stages a protagonist called Corvus and a combat system that seems particularly nervous for a game of the genre. The force of Corvus, being able to steal the diseases of enemies to transform them into weapons, which materialize in a turquoise aura. Corvus also has a "crow" form to increase its capacities and mobility to increase ten.


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