Genshin Impact Recipes, Ingredients, and how to complete the activity

While we're all looking forward to the release of a new update to update the Genshin Impact experience, for now, we'll have to accept the launch of a new event called Spice Up Life. From HoYoverse, they have introduced this temporary game mode to have something to do while we wait for the arrival of the next version, which will still take place on an as-yet-undetermined date. At least until then, we can work on some exciting rewards.

Requirements, details, and how to activate the Taste of Life campaign

The event focuses on preparing special recipes through mini-games. It's not something we've never seen, and although it's premised on the fact that we can share them with our colleagues at Relajaterra since it doesn't work, the only option is to share them with those we've already found. Regardless, the event has started and will run until June 7 at 3:59 pm. To participate, we need to meet the following requirements:

Have reached Adventure Level 20 or higher to prepare the condiment

Have reached Adventure Level 28 or higher and have completed the Kettle Gossip quest to cook dishes and invite a companion to dinner.

To activate the event, we must complete a quest called "Visit from the West." It's not complicated at all. Go to Liyue Port and talk to Xumi's characters. Once that's done, we have to open the events tab and start seasoning.

How to Complete the Spice Up Life Activity - All Recipes

Cooking recipes are straightforward. The hardest part is finding the ingredients needed to complete each recipe. The mini-games are similar to the cooking we are used to. All we have to do is click at the right moment when the indicator is over the indicated ingredient to create the condiment.

We'll be working on reviewing which are the recipes we'll have to do throughout the campaign. This section will expand each day of the event.

Day 1 - Delicious Grilled Goby (horsetail, mint, and pepper)

The first recipe was easy to prepare, although the Coke de Cabalo would give us some problems. To meet the challenge, we will need three units...

Peppermint: Natural or purchased from Chloris (Windlifter)

Horsetail: Natural or buy at Liyue Pharmacy

Pepper: buy in any big city

We show you the best areas to collect mint and ponytails together in the pictures.

Don't forget that you can collect rewards in the activities tab. To complete 100% of Dale Sabor a la Vida.

Cook each recipe three times (420 Protogems)

Entertain characters 21 times (weapon upgrade materials)


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