Best Heroes in Lords Mobile

MY TOP 5 COLOSSEUM HEROES! LORDS MOBILE At the beginning of the game at Lords Mobile, you will have only two heroes to choose from. Heroes are leaders in your raid group, and they have unique abilities and spells that will help your team easily break through the enemy waves. As you pass the game and earning resources, you will have to decide which heroes to improve. It may be difficult to do this because of such a long list of heroes who need to be unlocked and updated.

Different heroes have certain roles that they must perform when they enter into battle, and a combination of their unique abilities with each other for a good effect will be very beneficial for your team. With limited resources, an attempt to improve each hero may be a tedious process. Of the 22 free heroes that you can choose, here are the five best that you can unlock and improve in Lords Mobile.


If you want to burn your enemies to the ground, the insiner is the hero you are looking for. It deals with massive ao damage to enemy waves, and also has good holding the crowd potential thanks to it stunning ability . It is also very useful in the MOLOSISE matches. To inflict maximum damage without a break, place it in a distant center in the ranks.


Trickster is the only free hero who has an increase in research. Thanks to this characteristic, it is one of the most beloved heroes for both ordinary and competitive players. Its attacks apply tons of damage to enemies, leaving them with reduced damage from the attack as well as disarmament of a few seconds. It is advisable to increase its level to gold as quickly as possible in order to benefit from its 25% of the study contribute to growth.

Child of Light

Child of Light is one of the best heroes in the game, and he attacks the front. She packages heavy damage and incredibly holding off the crowd with stun ability, which makes the enemies out of order for five seconds. Her attacks also reduce the magical defense of the enemy for a short time. To maximize this ability, connect it with the hero that inflicts a magical attack.

killer of demons

As one of the best killers in the game, the demon killer is able to cause great damage to the opponent’s rear line. He also knows how to absorb a lot of damage thanks to his high magic protection . The presence of a demon killer in your team will strengthen your infantry. Health by 50% as well as damage from attack to 30% that makes it a good choice for battles in the Coliseum.

Pink Knight

It is not surprising that Rosa Knight-one of the most common options for almost every team in Lord Mobile-is one of the best. She is a very versatile hero, with a decent combination attack , defense and also recovery . At the beginning of each round, she throws a shield, protecting the allies from all incoming attacks for eight seconds. With her attack, she can also stun enemies. Thanks to its unique abilities, it is also necessary for fighting in the Coliseum.

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