VfL Wolfsburg: Kohfeldt and the bad memories of Augsburg

The WWK-Arena des FC Augsburg does not arouse positive memories in Wolfsburg's coach Florian Kohfeldt.

"I do not like to remember the last game so much. I think that's understandable," said the 39-year-old before the play in the relegation battle on Sunday (15:30 / Dazn). In the season 2020/21 he was coach of Werder Bremen and a defeat in Augsburg on the penultimate matchday cost him the job. Werder rose at the end.

Now he is in a different starting position, but the situation is not so much better. The VFL trails through the season, most recently there were two defeats one after the other. "I have the firm conviction that we will win this game. Thoughts about any negative spiral who could emerge, I do not," Kohfeldt said.

He gives himself, as one knows him: optimistic, sympathetic. But the results do not speak for him. Fear of consequences After the encounter, he does not make up: "These thoughts are currently out of place." The Wolfsburg rank at the 13th place with 31 points. Should the VFL lose, Augsburg would come to two counters.

Game with high meaning

Kohfeldt introduces itself on "a very crucial game in the fight for the league" and wishes "absolute alertness". Augsburg-coach Markus Weinzierl also described the games against Wolfsburg and the FSV Mainz 05 on Wednesday as "two brutally important games" in the fight for the class blast.

And corona was added to coach Floriany construction sites. Despite the infection, Kohfeldt does not bury hope for use at the important game. "I'm in consultation with the health department and could open me until the weekend," he said. "For that, I need a negative test and that will show now. But I have not given up the hope yet." He had had to do it with mild discomfort. "I had light symptoms, meanwhile I'm completely good again," he said. So far, it is unclear whether Kohfeldt can be there.

Presumably, on Sunday, the co-trainer Vincent Heilmann has to be aimed at the guests. Kohfeldt, who does not want to make a response by video to the team during the game in the event of a lack of use, trust the 25-year-old Dutch. "He has an extremely high expertise and has a very good dealing with the players," said Kohfeldt. Last summer, Heilmann had come to Wolfsburg because he should have been a wish candidate of ex-coach Mark van Bommel.

Noise from Van Bommel

And the predecessor Kohfeldt is a good keyword: as a TV guest before the friendly match between the Netherlands and Germany Last week, Van Bommel had glossy against his ex-employer and indirectly against Kohfeldt: "If you look at the table, I have that not so bad. " In fact, the Dutcher can show the better point section: Van Bommel in his league games with the VfL on average 1,4 points per game, while Kohfeldt so far got a point per game.

Have the statements of Kohfeldt disturbed? "I've seen it and I'll keep it the way I always hold it: I feel it very good style, always comment on the locations and the transactions, where you are directly involved."


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