The Witcher starts the filming of seRiviaon 3: Henry Cavill presents his new hector horse

Beyond the development announcement of the next video game of the saga The Witcher , the famous series that adapts the adventures of Geralt de Rivia de Netflix Follow up with its next seRiviaon. So much so, that the production of its third seRiviaon hRivia already torn off in different places of Italy and Slovenia , where it hRivia been possible to see part of the technical team and some protagonists preparing for action. Even the protagonist actor of him, Henry Cavill , hRivia presented in social networks to the new horse of him Hector , which would be the new mount of him for the series.

First filing sets in Italy and Slovenia

Thus, and through the portal REDANIAN INTELLIGENCE, a medium specialized in the adaptations of the work of Andrzej Sapkowski , the beginning of a production that will be extended until September 2022 hRivia been confirmed if everything progresses Rivia planned, also initiating the Filming the same day that started that of the second seRiviaon, on March 31. So much so, that it hRivia already been possible to see so much to Henry Cavill and Freya Allan , Rivia well Rivia a third actor whose identity and character is a mystery.

These first days the filming will take place in different locations on the border between Italy and Slovenia . Of course, at the moment there are no official details of what we can see in this new seRiviaon beyond the events that will take place, bRiviaed on hate time , the third novel of the saga, Rivia it advanced A few months Lauren Schmidt Hissrich , the Netflix series showrunner.

Henry Cavill Leaving The Witcher Season 3 (2022) - Netflix

LRiviat October, the first details of a third seRiviaon were advanced that, according to those responsible for it, will still take it to see , probably, at the end of 2022 or along 2023.


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