More than 10 million users: Xbox feature celebrates giant

The Xbox Game Pass has reached a new impressive milest1. CEO Satya Nadella has announced that over 10 million users have already tried the cloud gaming feature-a huge success for a previously often smiled-at function.

The Xbox Game Pass is and remains Microsoft's Ace. The subscription service can obviously even make a feature that has previously been ignored by many gamers **: CEO Satya Nadella has announced in a quarterly meeting that more than 10 million subscribers have already gambled on the cloud streaming feature.

Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft celebrates milestone

Xbox Is Destroying Stadia, Game Pass Hits 10 Million Subscribers As xCloud Approaches

Cloud Gaming is often seen as the future of the video game industry, but has so far not been able to prevail across the board, primarily because of the necessary Internet infrastructure. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, however, have already played over 10 million game pass subscribers a game about the streaming function of the subscription service. (Source: Theverge)

A remarkable number that Microsoft can be proud of the expensive flops of the competition such as Google Stadia . However, Microsoft last announced in January that Game Pass achieved 25 million subscribers - so numerous gamers have therefore not yet exploited the feature.

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Xbox leaves PS5 and Nintendo Switch behind

In any case, the remarkable 10 million cloud gamers fit well with the current wave of success in Xbox: The company was able to place itself in the first quarter of 2022 in terms of console revenue in both the USA and in the UK in front of the Nintendo Switch and Sonys PlayStation 5 And thus distance the closest competition. In addition, Microsoft was also able to look forward to the best Xbox März of all time ** when it comes to console sales.

The fact that the Xbox Game Pass with its extensive game library and features such as the Cloud Gaming has contributed significantly to Microsoft's comeback on the console market is now out of the question.

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