FC Bayern vs. BVB | Dietmar Hamann: Dortmund is from Haaland

For a long time, Erling Haaland was considered practically not to replace Borussia Dortmund. The importance of the top scorer for the BVB seemed huge, already disproportionately large. Meanwhile, the mood beats something around. Ex-national and TV expert Dietmar Hamann now even believes that a probable Haaland change could bring more than disadvantages for the Dortmund in the coming summer.

"I believe that not only the fans, but also the team and the association are annoyed by the circus," said the 48-year-old talking to the "picture" in front of the Bundesliga classic of Dortmunder Borussia at Bayern.

Hamann played on the change theater around the 21-year-olds. Haaland has been associated with a departure towards Manchester City for months, including other European top clubs such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain or even Bayern FC and are repeatedly traded as a possible nearest Haaland station.

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Lewy & Haaland score, Kimmich injured | Dortmund - Bayern 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 7 – Bundesliga The longtime England legionnaire Hamann, the continuing speculation around the Norwegian finally encouraged more and more negative, so he has changed his attitude to the whole thing now.

"The BVB will make players even without Haaland. That was always like that. I even believe that there will be the Dortmundern short or medium term when Haaland is no longer there."

The black and yellow better without your goalie? Alone the view of his outstanding hit rate creates another guess: Erling Haaland has scored in a total of 85 competitive games for the BVB 82 goals - the quota of a world-class striker.

BVB-Star Haaland has lost all Games against Bayern

The hustle and bustle around the Superstar, after view Hamanns in recent months, was simply too big, which was not conducive to the development of the player itself, nor for Borussia Dortmund as a club.

"I believe that Haaland is better elsewhere else," Hamann stuck. The 48-year-old sees the Dortmund already well prepared for the coming game year, if it is then supposed to succeed in the eleventh attempt to finally come back from the Bundesliga throne to FC Bayern.

"Without Haaland is also a giant chance. [...] I believe that the BVB will be better with the players you've already brought without Haaland next season than with him," Samann added to the personnel.

By the way: Haaland has not yet proved to be a lucky charm in the top matches against FC Bayern anyway. In his six competitive games against the Munich, the Norwegian met a whopping five times, but all the direct duels lost against Bayern.


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