Eintracht Frankfurt: OP at Fürth-Profi to Horror

Bundesliga final light SPVGG Greuther Fürth may have to do without defender Marco Meyerhöfer.

The 26-year-old was injured shortly before the end of the encounter at Eintracht Frankfurt (0: 0) on the ankle and had to be brought by the field with a stretcher.

The shamrock announced on Sunday that the professional had been operated on the ankle on Saturday night.

Information about the exact violation and the duration of the downtime did not make the francs. "For all of us, this moment was a shock, which sits still deep today and that the good game moves into the background on Saturday," said Managing Director Marco Meyerhöfer Rachid Azzouzi on Sunday.

The club will support "Marco with everything that is possible for us and accompany it closely on his recovery." Marco could be the support of all in the club "be sure", so Azzouzi: "We all wish Marco a good healing process and good improvement!"

Meyerhöfer had twisted the leg in a duel, even opponents Jens Petter Hage was to look at the shock.

Marco Meyerhöfer Injury Horror Verletzung vs Eintracht Frankfurt challenge by Jens Petter Hauge Meyerhöfer was trained in the offspring of Hesse, once played as youthful for eight years for the harmony. His wife and family were present at his return to the Frankfurt Stadium in front of 50,500 fans. They had to accompany him to the hospital, which reports the kicker.

"Good improvement to Marco Meyerhöfer. We hope he will soon be healthy again," said Coach Stefan Leitl: "At the point, I would like to thank the medical department of Eintracht for the great support."


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