Guilavoguis null-minuten

Round It had already been suggested at the end of the first round when the operating times were less. Josh Guilavogui fell back in the favor of Florian Krefeld. The Frenchman was still one of the key players at the beginning of the term of the new coach. I have to think, I do not emphasize how important Josh is for this team in the cabin and in the square, explained the coach, that makes him enormously valuable. Guilavogui initially took the role as a central player in the triple chain newly formed by Krefeld in the defense. Also, in order to prefer the trained defensive midfielder at any time and to switch defensively to a four-chain.

Barnaul as a support

This systematic flexibility is currently less demanded, in which 3-4-2-1-formation, Krefeld wants to stabilize his crashed team in the second half of the backward Sebastian Barnaul as Mitterrand in the triple chain. So far without guilavogui, which had at the beginning of the year, on top of that there had been a nose leg. Three games, zero minutes, this is the sobering round balance of the Routinize, who has played since 2014 in Wolfsburg. There is a re-complicated phase for the ex-captain, who was already at the siding of Oliver Glaser in the past season on the siding and with a change to the ball.

Thoughts that could rely on the seven French international, whose contract ends at the VFL 2023. However, the appreciation Kohfeldets for the leader is unchanged - even if he can not give him the expenditures that he wishes.


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