Genhin Impact: 4 popular characters get new skins because China finds them naked

Ingenenshin Impact you now get new skins for equal four of the female characters. You may then choose if you prefer to play with the original skin or the new one. But this looks different in China, here the originals have to go — because they are too naked.

Which characters are affected? The four female figures are Jean, Amber, Rosario and Mona. Apart from Amber, these characters belong to the more popular in Genshin Impact, which is why the changes also provide some bustle in the community.

The changes for Jean and Amber appear today in China today, with patch 2.4 while the new outfits for Rosario and Mona still have to wait until patch 2.5.

It is still unclear whether even more characters are experienced such changes, but so far only these four are announced and affected.

What are the new skins out? The outfits of the characters were adjusted only slightly, yet many fans in the community look more than a short change of clothes.

First and foremost, the changes serve the goal of showing a little less skin than was the case before. Above all, the décolletés of the characters are affected, which have now been closed higher. Further changes are rather slightly out.

Why were the skins changed? An official specification from the developer does not exist. However, since the changes in the rest of the world are optional and only in China, it can be assumed that the outfits were something to liberate the Chinese.

In addition, the Chinese players receive a compensation for their favorite figures look different now. These rewards are not available in the rest of the world, you only receive the new ones, optional outfits for you.

Riot in the community — desexualization or censorship?

How do the fans react? The first reactions of the community on these new outfits could not be different, but they ensure a lot of discussion within the fan base. These discussions rang far over opinions like I find good or I do not find good out.

A big point that came up in the community is the subject of censorship through China. While many fans look forward to that the four female characters are now not so strongly sexualized, others find that the game learns censorship.

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The criticism also stands that these changes only affect female characters and there are no new skins for the male figures in the game. On the whole, most fans feel at some point on the tie.

The viewpoints

To give you a rough overview of the discussion in the community, we would like to say every of the opinions:

Keisha no Nero says (Via Twitter): Why are there only skins for women? The developers always give only new outfits for female characters and call it fan service. Where are the skins for men? Where are Jiangsu, Disc, Shotgun, Vent or Keisha?!

Commonly writes (via Twitter): I understand that people also want skins for the male characters. But these new outfits are not just skins. They are there to follow the new regulations of China so that they can successfully market the GAME. Only therefore did these changes had to be made and therefore only Chinese players get the compensation. [...] That's censorship and censorship is always bad. Oat slices says (Via Twitter): Maybe an unusual opinion, but I like the new outfits of the characters, and I'm glad that they are much less sexualized. Last but not least, there is a handful of people who simply find the changes visually appealing (via They all look like they would fit better. I think the great, thank you for the developers.

How do you see it? Are these changes interesting for you or are you just looking forward to the alternative skin as a gift? What point of view of the community can you most likely take, and what do you say about the accusation of censorship? Write us in the comments here at Mango.

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