Wow: More Nerfs for the Magiere Tower - Guardian Druid and Holy

The year 2020 was identified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to various constraints in the social and financial market.

While the current RAID in Wow barely delights more players and the mythical-plus dungeons of Shadow lands also feel dead too dead, especially the Legion time migration always lures heroes in the contents of the long past, but in the best Remember sixth WoW extension. Especially the magic tower is currently enjoying highly popular and so felt more players on the devastated islands than in all capitals.

However, the seven different challenges of the Mage Tower are quite crisp and can be quite frustrating in them. That's why Blizzard has already played a few days ago extensive Nerfs on the servers. With a current hotfix now follow more Nerfs, which should, above all, be able to improve balancing between the individual classes.

Facilities for Guardian Druids and Holy Priests

While the healer exam of the priest has been classically generated, the developers at the tank-druid have reversed an adaptation that should actually facilitate the fight, as it turned out that the struggle was heavier instead of easier. At the same time, some old enchantments were weakened, which were too strong by false scaling.


Dungeons and battles

time migration Marietta tower Guardian Druid The change to the ability of the Nether step, while the movement spells can act, has been reversed.

Mage Tower NERFS, New Class Changes & Tier Set BUFFS, Blizzard Actually Listening? | WoW Weekly News Note of the developers: As with the degree of difficulty of the Guardian-Druid, we thought that we would make it a little easier by stopping the Neither cheats to work their spell by creating the players a little more time to respond to you. So we make this change reverse (which in turn is identical to the change in Legion). Haling priests

The damage to 'corrupted risen soldier' ​​was reduced by 30%.

Objects and rewards

[With realm restarts] Gems found in Heroic Dungeons by Burning Crusade now scales correctly with the character level. [With realm restarts] A scaling problem with multiple legacy weapon modifications (sharpening stones, weight stones and enchantments such as big blow ) was fixed, which added weapons to lump sums, making these modifications much more powerful than intended.

Are you already working successfully in the master tower or are you waiting for more Nerfs before you try again?

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