Why you just have little chance to buy a graphics card as a gamer

A graphics card manages the graphics outcome in a computer system. When a program is executed, the processor calculates the information, forwards it to the graphics card and the graphics card transforms the information to ensure that the display or projector ( projector ) can play every little thing as an image. Graphics cards are attached to the motherboard either as PC expansion cards through a bus system (PCIe, before also AGP, PCI, VLB or ISA) or are included in among the components on the motherboard, such as in the chipset or in the processor or in SOC. One of the most essential components of modern-day graphics cards are: GPU, graphics memory, RAMDAC as well as the links for external gadgets (e.g. for the display or graphics tray). Nevertheless, the GPU must not be confused with the graphics card in its entirety, although GPU is commonly used as a reference for the graphics card. There are likewise exterior graphics cards, which are usually assigned GPU (for English External GPU).

You just tried to buy a graphics card for your gaming PC? Now, two experts have explained in an interview why gamers currently hardly have a chance to get a graphics card on a fair way.

Graphics cards and PS5 consoles are currently a rare good and are either hardly available or you have to pay thousands of euros on eBay for a graphics card.

Also, if many users are quite ready to spend a lot of money for a graphics card, only a few are ready to deliver with greedy scalds. But the situation should not be much better in the future.

Now two users had explained in a conversation with The verge that an average gamer is currently hardly a chance to buy a graphics card (via theeverge.com). The two persons lead a discord and take care of that gamers can buy a graphics card. For this they are now developing bots, as they have no chance today.

Because in the market retailers, bots and scalper would fight against each other with tools to get to graphics cards. A few people who just try to get to a graphics card for their gaming would have no real opportunity in the current situation.

Honest buyers have no chance to buy a graphics card

This is currently the big problem: For honest buyers it is normal to get the goods out of the shelf and then to go to the cash register. But bots, so the two explain, the scratch would just skip.

The bots would just use a back door and would simply buy all existing items — while all others are still in line and hope for a product.

In your interview, the two script developers explain how much they bother this situation:

Ultimately, it's bots and scales who drive the price for these goods and give them higher profit margins. Some retailers may even be happy about it because they can ship the goods as a pallet, which saves you a lot of money at the shipping costs.

Via theverge.com

Basically, one must invest hundreds of hours to save a few 100 euros. It was already great happiness if you would get a graphics card in a few hours for a good price.

Many users do not expect for days to the calculator because they do the search for a graphics card so much fun or because they had time for Corona. People want to do some business and gaming is one of the few ways to do something with friends at a time with Corona.

It's not just about it, I will spend a hundred hours here because I just want GPUs — it's the social aspect, the community, the common interest with other people.

Via theverge.com

We represent the little man, or would like to believe that

Your next graphics card won’t just be a graphics card | Hardware Meanwhile, the two users have also begun to develop various scripts and aids. For some dealers are so strongly occupied by bots that they have to develop their own tools to get past the other bots.

We develop scripts and auxiliary programs. We still check them manually, but we help you with some tricky things by offering small scripts they can do.

Via theverge.com

At the end, at least one hopes at least a few gamers to help get to a graphics card. But it is certainly one but never, as many users hide behind the anonymity and of course scalper or miner can use these scripts.

And they can not prevent scalper and miner anyway, because these are refined and had no desire to give up a possible profit. Thanks to affiliate links, the two operators would also get money from the graphics card purchases, but they could not lead a luxury life.

Gamer who would have received a graphics card would never show up again in the discord, because they finally got what they wanted. Scalper would never be reported, because these would know that the operators would throw them directly from the discord.

What do you think about the situation? Have you already been able to buy a graphics card or are you just equipped over greedy scales and poor availability? Tell us in the comments and discussed with other users.

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