SC Freiburg: Christian Streich holds Finke

Trainer Christian Stretch The Bundesliga club SC Freiburg holds the record of Volker Fine for unattainable. No, Prank answered the question in the kicker interview (assembly of assembly), whether the record of Fine would be conceivable for him. Fine had exercised Freiburg for 16 years in a row (1991 – 2007), prank celebrates his ten-year service anniversary on Wednesday.

Freiburg-Trainer Christian Streich ist bald 10 Jahre Trainer des SC Freiburg ???????????? During this time, countless things happened, so the 56-year-old: I've filed so many things in my head, which would not be there, but if one would push on the head, or I see an ex player from a certain Time, everything comes back to light.

About its greatest success, prank does not have to be reflected. That we played nine tenths of time in the Bundesliga and became master a year after the descent. We had success in the possibilities of the SC Freiburg and playing football that people like to come to our stadium, said prank and added, We are and were always a community. This term is slightly pronounced, community in the positive sense of life is not so easy.

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After a strong first round, prank overrides the SC on the third place.


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