Like the EM win 1988

The Formula 1 World Champion 2014 was the 65th period of the Formula 1 World Cup. She once more consisted of 19 Grands Prix. She started on March 16 in the Australian Melbourne and finished on 23 November on the Was Island prior to Abu Dhabi. The Write Lewis Hamilton became a motorist's world champion for the 2nd time after 2008. The Style World Cup won with Mercedes for the very first time because the title 1958 a German racing group.


NRC: This title belongs in the same category as the EM victory of the Football National Team 1988, as Richard Krajiceks Triumph in Wimbledon 1996 and Joop Zoetermeer's victory at the Tour de France 1980. Max stood the luck at the right moment On his side. In the last round of Abu Dhabi he grabs the world championship title, helped a controversial decision of the race management.

DE TELEGRAPH: Max Staten has put the Formula 1 on his head since his arrival. Now he is world champion after seven years — it must be preliminary for further successes.

DE Volkskrant: Only after four hours of waiting the champagne corks could pop. Sunday was a strange day for Formula 1 and the Netherlands.


Sun: Max stages is crowned in one of the most controversial final acts of sport to the world champion. For Formula 1 it has become a habit of shooting itself in the foot, but this time she used a rocket launcher. After the pathetic Show in summer in Belgium, where only a few rounds behind the Safety Car were filmed to meet TV contracts, this was a new low point. He showed that the sport is over-regulated that even the World Association FIA does not understand the rule book. And that, although it was the best title fight for years.

It will undoubtedly run very well on Netflix.

Daily Mail

Daily Mail: The biggest highlight was expected, so the Formula 1 gave the world what the world wanted. However, she seemed to reverse the concept of fairness and sporty justice. It was a turner on the rule book, the Title was decided in the spirit of the promised drama and spectacles. Who watched, loved it. Netflix will undoubtedly run very well. But a sober analysis of Max stump drive to the World Cup title does not leave a few observers with a mummy feeling. Wins The formula 1 new fans with a handmade finale, which is hardly understood outside the room of the race communities?

Times: There is no sport that works more like a TV show as the formula 1. It is a TV drama on wheels, and in Abu Dhabi there was the most spectacular and most confusing plot twist. Has the right one won ? The good or evil? Well, it was the happier. The race line found that the entire year in a flying round should be decided. Great television, as the entire season. Bad is that the rules have changed while the Season became ever hotter. And even the rules for the last round were not used properly. There is the mistake.

Голубая лагуна. Полная версия. Мелодрама. Приключения. 4К

Guardian: Max stopping celebrates his first title, but the huge controversy still leaves doubts about his triumph. In a season, in which the two teams have always argued angry and angry, the final was a low point in this regard.


Gazette hello Sport: The duel of the century is decided in the last round. Trapped is world champion at the end of a merciless struggle against Hamilton, a battle that will remain in memory for a long time.

Corriere dello Sport: World Champion Max, the last race is more exciting than a movie. The new Kaiser of Formula 1 has hummed a giant of Lewis Hamilton's format.

Autosport: Max stopping wins with genius and rescuing. He has a lot of talent and little diplomatic skill. His victory is the beginning of a new era for the formula 1.

Corriere Della era: Super stages wins the craziest race of all time. Hamilton must bow to the young talent and testifies to be a true sir by hugging the winner.


View: Is Max Staten a deserved Formula 1 world champion? Yes, if you consider the whole season. Finally, Lewis Hamilton had an equal rival. And unfortunately, the environment of the two injected even in every small thing in the fire. The championship was poisoned by this. Both teams constantly ran to the FIA ​​and accused the opponents to violate the rules. In Abu Dhabi, in the end, the first absence of race director Michael Mass did not lead to a chaos and understandable Mercedes protest.

This last round was truly film grape, which for an epic formula 1 race!

AS (Spain)


March: Trapped is world champion and crashes the myth Hamilton. Everything was lost, but a torque was staged the chance. The race of the century.

AS: Starting 'stood' Hamilton's best World Cup of history. This last round was truly film men, which for an epic Formula 1 race! It lives the new king! Mercedes shows itself as a bad loser.

Sports: Stages writes story, he is a deserved world champion. He defamed Hamilton on the cruelest way.

El Mundo Deporting: We can only raise us and clap these racers, and the minutes or hours! What a memorable spectacle of stages and Hamilton. We were allowed to experience World Cup history!


L'equip: Hamilton's wings trimmed. After 2016 against Nico Robert, Lewis Hamilton has lost a final again, this time stood against Max. The proof that Britain is neither unbeatable nor infallible.


Krone Dating: Historic! Trapped ends Hamilton era. Rarely, a Formula 1 driver has made his talent as impressively as impressive as a very young age as Max.


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