Henry Cavill would love loving in a Warhammer

Henry William Dallies Cavils (birthed May 5, 1983, on Jersey, Channel Islands) is a British actor.

Many are likely to know the actor Henry Cavils not only for his roles as Superman or grumpy witches of Gerald of Rival, but also as a star with pronounced affinity for video and role-playing games. Just first, he explained the difference between Warhammer and Warcraft, among others Graham Norton in his own show.

Just with Warcraft Cavils connects a lot of passion, and he operates the hobby extensively in his free time. So if you would visit the actor at home, you should definitely find the many figures from the Warhammer universe as well as brushes and colors. No wonder so that Cavils likes to be involved in an adaptation of Warhammer.

Henry Cavils about choosing his potential Warhammer figure: no light decision

The Cavils recently revealed IGN in a Event to The Witcher : There are a lot of characters from the Warhammer-Universe I would like to play. But I can really play a game, because as soon as I have a game, then If I can not do anymore. If that would ever happen that there would be something in the direction of live action, I would have to be very aware of it.

[Warhammer] is obviously very rich in characters, especially the 40k universe. I guess I could play a different character in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe than in the 40k universe, but I still dream that I have to be with the People speak of Games Workshop and see what happens.

Would Henry Cavill Be in a Warhammer Show?

In the great selection, it is of course understandable that Cavils is the choice of his figure from the Warhammer universe sword. Should it actually come to a live action adaptation from Warhammer, whether the series or film, the producers should certainly be kept him in mind. And who knows, maybe the decision will then be accepted anyway?

Source: IGN

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