Henry Cavill lets you want for the Mass of Effect series, but ask for a faithful adaptation

A possible adaptation to the small screen of the Mass Effect universe has been rumored for a few months. At the moment there is nothing firm, but a clear pretender to the protagonist position, Henry Cavils. Thus, at least the British actor has been wanted in a recent interview, although putting the conditions of him.

I would like to [be in the series], but depends on what they want to do, he answered in a chat with Games radar. Adaptations can be more or less faithful. When I like a product, I prefer that the adaptation changes the original material, so it depends, added the one in charge of giving life to Gerald of Trivia in the series of The Witcher distributed by Netflix.

Is Henry Cavill Teasing a New Mass Effect Project?

I did not play Andromeda. I was too busy Henry Cavils It is not clear if this answer lets you overcome some first conversations on paper, ensuring that you will only sign up for the series if you assure you a respectful product with the very dear role saga, action and science fiction signed by BioWare and EA. In fact, in the interview Henry Cavils he assured being a passionate about video games. I did not play Andromeda, I tried, but at that moment I was too busy, but I loved [the first three], they were really bright, they would be perfect for a movie or television series, added the actor.

A possible adaptation of Mass Effect was advanced by Henry Cavils himself several months ago, when an Instagram photo of him lets herself on a possible script by Mass Effect. More recently, Amazon's interest was reported in developing a mass Effect TV series, although there is nothing official at the moment.

Mass Effect will return to video games soon, with a new already developing delivery and registering launched in spring. As for Henry Cavils, this December 17 We can see it in the second season of The Witcher.


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