Henry Cavill explica que World of Warcraft no es Warhammer

Henry Cavils is a renowned actor in Hollywood, Superman at the DCE, the protagonist in one of Netflix's most popular series and is considered one of the most handsome men on the planet. Along with this, he is also a fan of World of Warcraft, he is able to put together his own PC Gaming and Warhammer player, something that surely you can not find on the IMDB page of him. Now, Cavils caught the attention of the public after correcting a presenter who tried to make fun of the pastimes of professional playwright.

Recently, a section of the most recent episode of Graham Norton Show, a British program focused on interviewing celebrities, became popular in social networks, since Here we can see Cavils correct the presenter about the difference between World of Warcraft and Warhammer.

As they could see, Cavils is a big fan of the popular board game. While the presenter tries to evade an actor's explanation about Warhammer and simply point it as toys, Tom Holland, who was also in the program, genuinely shows interest. Perhaps in the future these actors can participate in a Live Action Adaptation of the World Complex.

Henry Cavill being a GAMER for 6 min and 14 sec On related topics, here is the first official trailer of the Harry Potter meeting. In the same way, this is the synopsis of the next massacre movie in Texas.


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