Henry Cavill explains difference between Warcraft and Warhammer

Gerald de Riv (in Gloss: Gerald Z Riv ii) is an imaginary personality, the main lead character of the collection of novels and news the Witcher (Będzin) of the Polish author Andrew Minkowski.

Henry Cavils has long since established itself as the largest nerd of the film industry. Whether books, movies or games, the former Superman actor is fully on his hobbies. He has already assembled his own computer and was totally: Warhammer 2 has immortalized him as a character.

He has to explain his passion for Nordic topics in Interview again and again, as recently in the Graham Norton Show.

Henry Cavils the fan darling

Fans celebrate him for his nerd knowledge and his style remaining on the ground. In public performances, Henry Cavils still has to re-explain itself again and again, because in the world of films and stars, his preferences are seen as quite extraordinary.

Henry Cavils was recently visited in the Graham Norton Show to promote the second season The Witcher. In Norton's show, celebrities are caught with lightweight stitches. The guests have to answer again with as much humor as possible.

Warhammer is not the same warcraft

Norton chose Cavils favorite theme Tram and responded to the actor to his hobby of painting thumbnails. Already last year has become known that Cavils sells his time in the quarantine with the painting of Warhammer figures. The moderator confused promptly with World of Warcraft : You paint, it was... World of Warcraft?.

The Witcher star naturally answered and corrupted Norton as usual in his charming way. Furthermore, he explained in the broadcast that the hobby consists of two parts. On the one hand, it gives the painting of the models. On the other hand, the figures are used to play, similar to a board game.

It sounds ridiculous, but it's fun.

On the question of what he does after painting his miniatures, he answered, Then they put them together in small armies and fight against the army of another. That's really fun! It's funny, but it's fun.

Norton continued to ask if Cavils invites other people to play with his toys what he was affirmative. This brought Spider-Man Performer Tom Holland to the plan, which was at the same time with Cavils at the show: Can I come over and play? It sounds fantastic!. Cavils was delighted and agreed. Maybe one day we can marvel at a Warhammer stream between Henry Cavils and Tom Holland.

Cavils will soon see again as Witcher

Soon we can see Henry Cavils in another season of The Witcher on Netflix. On December 17, 2021, the new season of the fantasy series will be available. Also, the actor could apply his wide-ranging fan knowledge.

His knowledge of the Witcher books, which serve as a template for the series, he can thus be influenced in his role as a straight of Trivia. Accordingly, he has obtained that the main character of the series will lead more dialogues in the new season than in his quite silent version in the first season.

The Graham Norton Show: Henry Cavill Talks About Warhammer

Are you looking forward to Henry Cavils in his role to see as a Witcher?

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