Halo Infinite is prepared for your campaign with a launch trailer

Xbox has published the launch trailer of Halo Infinite. You can see it about these lines.

The video, in English with subtitles in Spanish (the final game will have dubbing into Spanish, remember), puts in context the story before passing to the gameplay pure and hard, showing several shooters and combat on vehicles of «Halo version Large history », as read in the video itself.

A couple of days ago we were able to see two other brief advances in history for a player, in the form of two mood pieces that contributed context without focusing on the gameplay in real time. From the campaign we had already seen a little more extensive footage a few weeks ago, in case you want to take another look at the most open proposal of this infinite.

At the moment, we have already been able to experience Halo Infinite through his multiplayer, free and published by surprise to celebrate the twenty-anniversary of Xbox. It can not be said that it has not been a success, although it has not been exempt from controversy: its mechanisms of retention and monetization, at a certain time presented as an ethical alternative to others focusing on exploiting the polo, they have turned out to be much worse than it, You could have expected, kidnapping behind micropayments and a system of excessively slow levels many personalization options, among other things, that in previous games in the saga were unlocked options by default.

On this matter we write an entire article, in which we were trying to summarize the situation explaining, in passing, what a battle pass and how it works, and how it affects a game as a halo:

On paper, many decisions seem to go in a positive address, designed to eliminate some of the pressures that are already standard in this type of game; As it is easy to promote them so, talking about the absence of time limits or challenges based on gameplay and skill. At the time of truth, the truth is that a non-negligible part of the halo community, people who have been playing for a couple of generations, feel that it has lost control over the game in a way that can only be blamed, it seems, to monetization and the eagerness of retention, multiplying for practical purposes anxiety of not having the necessary tools to personalize your Spartan, create your team or focus on the game modes that are best given.

Halo Infinite | Campaign Launch Trailer

Such has been the noise of the community that 343 Industries has already promised changes to make progression less repetitive and slow; The conversation around this multiplayer, as it may, seem to rotate exclusively around monetization, a shame if we take into account that it is one of the most exquisite and resounded Shooters that have come out in a while.


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