Grifo from the SC Freiburg: That had to do zero with arrogance

Christian Stretch (born June 11, 1965, in Was am Than) is a German football train and former football player. He has actually been head instructor of the SC Freiburg because January 2012.

Union Berlin - SC Freiburg | Full Game | Matchday 16 – Bundesliga 2021/22 29 points and third place, which is worthy of honor, said SC coach Christian Stretch with a view to the outstanding round of the Freiburg, who lay down a successful annual accounts with the 2-1 of Leverkusen. The success is resting on the Armstrong defensive. The sports club together with FC Bayern puts the best defense of the league.

We have with the least goals in the league, which does not come from about, said Christian Günter with a view of the 16 goals and also showed himself satisfied with the achieved, especially since the SC in his eyes had not a bad game, But at the same time joined: We can look back on a very good first round, but also want to stay hungry in the second half.

Not left, not right, but in the middle.

Vincenzo Gift over his penalty

Hungry showed against Bayer also Vincenzo Gift, who had achieved the interim 1: 0 perish-transformed ANENA penalty. After graduation, the Italian emphasized that his penalty zero had to do with arrogance, rather, he decided out of failure: I felt two weeks ago and totally annoyed me. I'm just a human and I'm thinking. I thought: 'not left, not right, but in the middle' — and that a upper would be the best way. Furthermore, I am Godfrey that he has falling.

Prank distributed praise

Meanwhile, prank showed very satisfied with the performance of the entire team. We played football really well. We had calm, courage, a good room layout and have started against the ball smart, the 56-year-old had just praise for his players. Requested to his upcoming ten-year anniversary on the Freiburg Bank, he gave himself decisions. Maybe I'll light a candle, said prank and added: Not more.


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