Greuther Fürth - FC Augsburg 0: 0: Shamrock collects next point

No winner in the basement duel: the 0: 0 between the SPV GG Reuther Fürth and the FC Augsburg does not help any of the two teams.

When the final whistle sounded, there were no lucky faces in the Further Roof. No wonder: 0: 0 between the shamrock and FC Augsburg at the end of the first round was too little for both teams in the fight against the descent from the Bundesliga. We lost two points, said Augsburg's goalkeeper Rafael Gikiewicz at Sky, his forth colleague Sasha Bur chert sounded like: We have had to get three points.

Greuther Fürth - FC Augsburg 0-0 Highlights | Bundesliga - 2021/2022

The starting position for the second half is bad for both teams, for which Further, of course, hopelessly: the Franks escaped six days earlier after the first win of the season six days before the second draw of the 56 old negative record of Tasmania Berlin (a victory, a draw) However, at least twelve counters remain behind the relegation place the deferred tail light.

And Augsburg? Left with 18 points temporarily the relegation place, but continues deep in the fight against the descent, only two counters is the lead on Armenia Bielefeld on the 17th place. It is disappointing that we did not take a threesome, Andre Hahn, however, opened the chance twice to change this.

Borers thwarts the best FCA opportunities

Hahn had two outstanding scenes (31st/48.), But Both times, however, was reacted outstanding for Fürth's strong finals Sasha Buffer. We simply have problems shooting goals, Gikiewicz complained, even the otherwise good cock admitted that in the game mostly the last consequence of him and his fellow players was missing: We just did not play the mandatory scoring chances.

It happened to the Further. The last punch was missing forward, said defender Sebastian Greenback, but at the same time emphasized: It was also important that the zero is back. That all this could be too little in the end to prevent the descent, but he did not want to see: It does not look rosy, but as long as it goes mathematically, the hope is still there, there will not be over the end of the season talk.

With only five points after the first round, the descent seems to be avoided, Borers nevertheless emphasized: We go with a good feeling in the second half of the year. Greenback at the same time reminded the role model PSV Mainz 05: The Chanhassen brought 32 points in a strong second half past season — after the Miserable first half but at least seven counters had on their side.


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SPV GG Reuther Fürth — FC Augsburg: The coach votes

Stefan Late (coach Sprig Reuther Fürth): We have made a lot, but did not have the clear scoring chances, that was certainly a shortcoming. We wanted more, but it was not for us anymore. We are not satisfied with five points, but we came with four points out of three games very well through this English week, that's confident. I do not want to talk about the 2nd league, which is too far away.

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Markus Easier (coach FC Augsburg): We absolutely wanted to win, we did not manage, that's why we are disappointed. The last consequence was missing. In the last eight games we got twelve points, so we have twelve points Next. I am confident that we reach our goal.


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