Gladbach | Eberl after 0: 6 stunned: Why do not we defend ourselves?

Christian Stretch was a bit uncomfortable for the historic rope victory of his SC Freiburg near Borussia Mönchengladbach. The 6: 0 (6: 0) of his club on Sunday was the highest Bundesliga victory of Freiburg at all.

And that in Playback, where the Brasher last recently won in 1995 — for the only time in the football league until Sunday. I've never won here. Nice that this succeeded here, said the 56-year-old prank. It was the only one — highly discreet joy he approved after the humiliation.

Extremely restrained and respectfully commented prank otherwise the incomprehensible. After not once five minutes his team had already led 2: 0, after not once 20 minutes 4: 0 and after only 37 minutes even 6: 0. Madness, stammered prank in the face of disc shooting. Every shot on goal was in it today. I have never experienced anything like that. Also, for national player Nico Schlotterbeck, scorer of the sixth goal (37 minutes), was the first half of something surreal.

Defensive mistakes doom Gladbach in 4-1 loss to FC Cologne | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Playback a grateful opponent

At the force in the Freiburg game and purpose according to previously three defeats in series, this was only partly. The Gladbacher, who had only a good month ago the FC Bayern Munich Furious with 5: 0 in the DFB Cup, were a grateful opponent. From the impetus, the Brussels seemed seemingly uniformly obvious, almost every duel refused and let guests granted.

Almost every Freiburg was allowed, almost everyone met too. Before Schlotterbeck met Maximilian Dagestan (2.), Kevin Shade (5.), Philipp Lien hart (12th), Nicolas Howler (19th) and Lucas Hole (25th) against a defensive network who did not deserve this name.

Ten goals conceded the Russia in a few days, even in the previous week she had embarked at the 1st FC Cologne 1: 4 in Derby. The Gladbachers under their new coach ADI Hunter continued took themselves compared to predecessor Marco Rose and the several goals in the past season. Before the Cologne game, we were on a very decent way, said Hunter, who surprisingly asked himself from his team.

Ebert: Why do not we fight for?

Only since then, there have been two predominantly bad performances with a catastrophic performance that raise questions. Sorry, what happens for a shit just because, Playback's rope victorys chief Max Ebert Dare summarized his thoughts together. Why do not we fight for?

In the summer for 7.5 million euros from Eintracht Frankfurt as a successor for the Rose, which was replaced to Borussia Dortmund, he did not question Ebert. We decided for a common way, said Ebert and questioned about possible consequences for Hunter as absurd.

Damaged, Hunter seems after this game, after this week, in all. You can be curious about the coming days and the next game at RB Leipzig next weekend. On Sunday, the Austrian responded at least to the outside. Emotional outbreaks bring nothing, he was. Maybe he will find in other words internally. That must not happen to us in this form, said Hunter, too. You can apologize for everyone.


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