Game Awards: Fans celebrate big winners

The Golden Joystick Awards (Golden Telephone Call Award in its Spanish translation), likewise referred to as Individuals's PC gaming Awards, is a gratifying ceremony of video clip games which offers the very best computer game of the year, as elected originally by the public British, now it can be voted by any individual online. Since 2018, the ceremony turned 36 years of ages. It is the 2nd earliest computer game award ceremony after Gallery Awards. The rewards originally concentrated on computer games, however after that expanded to additionally include console games, because of the success of video game gaming consoles such as Sega Master System and Sega Huge Drive in the United Kingdom. The ceremony is not connected to the award provided to effective contestants in Games master, a British TV program.

A charming indie game has cleared the game awards this year. The co-op game was able to secure three awards, including the title of the best game of the year. On Reddit gamers are happy about the surprise success.

With It Takes Two this year the Studio Haze light could land a real surprise hit and even grab the price as the best game of the year at the Game Awards. The coop adventure for two people sat down against essential larger names like Resident Evil Village, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Metro id Dread and Death loop — and the gaming community on Reddit celebrates this success extensively.

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It Takes Two: Large winner of the evening

It Takes Two was able to secure the main award of the evening and also the prices for the best family game and the best multiplayer game. The Loop Game of Haze light and Game Director Josef Far's are thus clear winners of the award.

On Reddit, the triumph of It Takes Two ensures enthusiasm. Commentators are looking forward to the deserved award of the game, even if the triumph was still a surprise for many. (Source: Reddit)

I think it's great that a couch coal game with Split Screen has won at a time in which these games outside Nintendo have become so rare. (Reddit User Cosmiqcowboy) I did not expect that, but I have to admit that it is a brilliant game and a pretty unique experience. Absolutely deserves! (Reddit User Bard em) I played it with my wife. She is not interested in video games at all. But after we started it, she was the one who did not want to stop anymore. It was all great games, but it Takes Two is even a game for non-gamers. (Reddit User Andokami1987) This is not just a profit for IT Takes Two, but a profit for real creativity. That alone my confidence has restored to the Game Awards. (Reddit User Elite One)

In our picture gallery we show you the winners of the Game Awards of the last seven years:

Incidentally, what IT Takes Two makes a deserved winner, you can read in the test at GIG.

Game Awards: the Best game despite attack by Take-Two

The award as the best game 2021 will probably be particularly happy with the developers of IT Takes Two after this week is announced that GTA-Publisher Take-Two has submitted an omission request against the name rights of the game. The three prices prove that the industry will now send the recognition that it deserves.

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In our video we show you all winners of the Game Awards 2021:

The Game Awards 2021: Top moments, winners, reveals | Launcher It Takes Two has cleared off the Game Awards 2021 — the coop game was awarded the best game, the best multiplayer and best family game. The Reddit community is looking forward to the unexpected triumph.


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