Death carnival teased with a new band

The death carnival arcade shooting game has a new trailer. With an output date set at 2022, there are still many things about the game we do not know. However, Furyion Games has revealed more about the futuristic shooter today.

What we know is that Death Carnival will be an intense and exciting game with several PVP game modes. In addition, the narrative campaign can be played solo or in a cooperative team of four players. It will extend on several worlds and arenas with giant boss battles.

Located in a future world broken by war, humanity survives only in some cities. Which remains of humanity is captivated by televised bloody sports, the most popular being the carnival of death. As a result, it is a deadly television game where competitors must fight against hordes of enemies and machines for glory and fortune.

The resulting game is a fast arcade shooting game from top to bottom. It promises to bring intense online multiplayer action, solo and cooperative modes. It includes extreme weapons, fierce and intense fighting in the air. Enjoy the environment will be imperative to succeed. Taste action with bright colors and crazy distribution of characters in the trailer below.

Players can customize the equipment according to their style of play and choose some over a dozen characters. Each character comes with his own attacks and history campaigns.

Death Carnival - Official Trailer | Stadia Death Carnival will be released on PC, consoles, mobile and Stadia in 2022. Do you think you can survive the carnival?

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