Anton Stach: The scissors between the sports is extremely

Vom Bolzplatz in die Bundesliga & zu Olympia: Anton Stach und seine „schrecklich sportliche Familie“ Anton Stack (birthed November 15, 1998, in Buchwald in the Northside) is a German football gamer. The midfielder is under contract at the first PSV Mainz 05. With the German U21 he was in springtime 2021 European champ.

The gradient between football and basketball is crass, which concerns the media presence and the resulting earnings opportunities. The topic is at the center of a 90-minute video call with Anton Stack (23) in Mainz, Emma Stack (25) in Athens and Matthias Stack (59) in Buchwald in the northern Had.

A sporty family

Anton is U-21 European Champion and Olympic Participant, National player Emma moved from A3 Basket Umeå in Sweden this year to Panathinaikos in Greece. Nestkäkchen Gotta (19), she lacked in conversation, goes for the Lisa Lions in Halle at the Scale in the Bundesliga on basket hunt and is U-20 national player.

Sporty family: Anton Stack with his siblings Emma (center) and Gotta.

The scissors is already extreme. Especially because the girls have invested as much in their sport since earliest youth! But everyone also knows that this is the market. The beautiful is that there is no envy at all, but Rather joy and support. And Anton has already expressed a few times that it is of course unfair?... Matthias Stack describes the huge discrepancy between the sports.

Pa ternary criticism in the chat

When Emma A national player became and Gotta U-20 national player, the public took a little note. When Anton in the U 21 of the debuted, invoked into the Olympics and became a Bundesliga player, the attention was all the greater. The stability in the family does not change through this imbalance. After the matches all deal with each other, with father Matthias known for his critical words in the family chat.

Matthias Stack as a TV commentator, here with Boris Becker. Picture alliance / DPA

Sport is in the foreground at all. He is putting the stack siblings in the cradle. The former rankings' tennis player traveled as a journalist to over 100 Grand Slam tournaments, commenting on TV next to Tennis also football and swim other sports.

Michael Ebert / Carsten Schröter-Lorenz

For the cohesion in the family works, who has whom as a sparring partner, why no tennis players were made from the children and which rituals are maintained at Christmas, read in the complete interview in the print edition on Monday (or since Sunday evening in the magazine).


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