Stefan Effenberg: Champions-League

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After weeks long-distance duel, the next weekend finally comes to the long-waiting top game between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern FC. Ex-national player Stefan Ehrenberg sees both teams for the duel of the title candidates — although he criticizes BVB sharply for the youngest in the Champions League.

I would have taken the way to the Co-found in the Champions League. That was self-suffered. That's why they are [in the Europa League, Note d. Red.] Better canceled, said the former Bayern player on Sunday In the double pass at Europa League1.

For the top game against Bayern, this is in the premier class but no obstacle. On Saturday the team at the 3: 1 against the VFL Wolfsburg finally showed a strong reaction directly. It already speaks for the morale. A few days ago, they excreted from the Champions League. They have really well, well into play. Respect for the performance yesterday, so the former midfielder continues.

In addition, the Dortmund with Haaland on time for the top game has their insurance for success back.

But FC Bayern expects Ehrenberg that the recent problems are forgotten at the latest at the kick-off in Dortmund. This counts that Joshua Gimmick will not compete for BVB after his illness with Covid-19.

FC Bayern before top game: You do not have to motivate anymore

Gimmick is important for the balance. We do not have to talk about it. Bavaria knows what's going on Saturday. You do not have to motivate it, the former professional threw it.

Stefan Effenberg - The Tiger - Legendary Passing Skills That the Munich last without the playmaker in the Bundesliga shrub and after the 1: 2 in Augsburg against Bielefeld only a narrow 1: 0 imports, the 35-fold national player was not nervous.

If you win 1: 0, there are also three points. You can not forget that you have achieved 102 goals in the calendar year 2021 in 35 Bundesliga games. If you have a phase in it, where you can only play a game 2: 1 Winning. Dortmund also had that. It is important that you win the games. Decisive is next week, then we have answered many questions.

Following the top game, Ehrenberg expects best services from both teams at European stage. That the Dortmund then only play in the Europa League, maybe also a chance: The question is, who has well represented us in the competition in the last 20 years: actually only Eintracht Frankfurt. That's why I hope now on Borussia Dortmund now So Ehrenberg.


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