Semiconductor supply for Samsung Electronics and Volkswagen

Samsung Electronics supplies car semiconductors for automobile Volkswagen.

Samsung Electronics discloses three systems for vehicle systems for 30 days and said.

Samsung Electronics is presenting this time, the 5th generation (5G) mobile communications-based vehicle communication service is a telecommunications chip 'EXISTS OTO T5123' ▲ Processor for Info tainting, which provides artificial intelligence computation, It is a power management chip (MIC) 'S2VPS01', which is precisely and reliably adjusting the power supplied to the processor.

Samsung Semiconductor: Green Certifications l Samsung

Exons Auto T5123 supports up to 5.1 GB of high-speed downloads per second. During the driving, high capacity and high-definition content can be received down. This product contains a 5G technology-based multimode communication chip. A 5G network supports both the SA Mode (Stand Alone) and the NSA mode (Non-Stand Alone) that use the SALE MANUAL on the fourth generation communication long tum. Supports 'PCI Express (PCIe (PCIe)' and Low Power High Performance Mobile D RAM 'LPDDR4X', which is a high-speed interface to efficiently handle data to a 5G modem and efficiently handle data.

The Enos Auto V7 was mounted on the Volkswagen 'IAS 3.1' Infotainment System made by the LG Electronic Auto Parts Solution (VS) business headquarters. This product provides virtual secretary services, voice, face, and operation recognition. It also contains a defective pixel and distortion, and a technique for compressing the image. Thanks to the three 'HIFI 4' audio processors, users can enjoy the best sound quality such as music, movies, and games. To reliably drive these functions, it supports LPDDR4X memory that provides up to 32 GB (gigabytes) capacity and 68.3 GB bandwidth per second. The ARM's 'Cortex (CORTEX) -A76' core (GPU) core (GPU) core (GPU) core, which is driven at a maximum of 1.5 GHz (Gigahertz) speed, can be configured with 11 GPU core (GPU) cores, have. Camera supports up to 12. The Axis Auto V7 safely stores key information such as one-time programmable (OTP), and provides a Physical Unclosable Function (PUF Physical Unclosable Function).

S2VPS01 functions to regulate the power supplied to the processor for vehicle infotainment processors precisely and reliably. 'ASIA (ASIA) -B' certification was obtained. The room is a system safety standard for vehicle. Based on the possibility of accidents, the possibility, severity, and the driver's control, it is divided into A · B, C, D. In general, the infotainment system demands the B-level level, and Samsung Electronics explained. This product has a protection of protection, fever blocking, and self-diagnostic function of voltage and current of voltage / current.

Samsung Electronics plans to actively respond to high-tech vehicle semiconductor demand.

Vice President of Park Jae-won Samsung Electronics The LSI Division, said, The vehicle intelligence for vehicle infotainment systems and driver safety is important, Samsung Electronics is a processor with the latest 5G communication technology, evolved artificial intelligence function, stable and proven power management chip I told the battlefield business.


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