PlayStation 5: 19-year-old will be shot at the tried console sales

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For a good year, the PlayStation 5 is already on the market, even if you are so hard to get hold of that some players are only for a legend. If you want to buy one, not only a lot of patience but also good luck bring, mostly all available specimens are sold out within a few minutes or even seconds.

What the restricted offer triggers in some people now shows a terrible incident in the US. When trying to sell his PlayStation 5 (Buy Now), a 19-year-old was shot. The culprit is currently on the run — but without the console.

An almost deadly sales attempt

The events in Harrison County have gathered in Texas. The 19-year-old offered the PlayStation 5 online and soon a potential buyer contacted him. The two agreed meeting, in which the allegedly interested buyer appeared with a firearm.

What exactly happened next is not known. However, the 19-year-old was shot down by the opposite and then brought almost immediately into Hospital. How the police reports is the wound fortunately not life-threatening and the young seller is now in a stable state.

The perpetrator fled immediately after his act and even left the PlayStation 5 for which he had been prepared to hurt another person. Steve Champion, reporter at ABC123, shared a picture of the Match console on Twitter. At the moment the perpetrator is still on the run, a description could not deliver the police.

Raw video: 19-year-old shot while trying to sell PS5, HCSO says

Source: ABC123

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